Ocean Boulevard blurs the line between documentary and narrative filmmaking, giving an authentic and deeply personal glimpse of what heroin addiction actually looks like with a blended cast of actors and individuals who are in recovery.


People cannot truly empathize with something they have never seen or do not understand, and sadly substance use disorder is one of the most misunderstood diseases. By harnessing the power of visual storytelling, our goal for this film is to kindle a multifaceted conversation on the Opioid Epidemic that fights stigma, educates the public, and ultimately mobilizes empathetic allies to create lasting change.

This film puts a magnifying glass on Myrtle Beach, but the effects of the Opioid Epidemic are felt nationwide. According to national statistics, the death toll of the Opioid Epidemic is the equivalent of 9/11 happening every 3 weeks.


After each screening of Ocean Boulevard, we host an honest Q&A panel where we discuss the medical, legislative, and educational solutions for the Opioid Epidemic. In addition, a portion of our ticket proceeds supports a scholarship fund that jumpstarts the process for those who are seeking recovery and have limited access to resources and treatment. Most importantly, we show that recovery is possible.


Directed and Written by Zoë Miller Director of Photography Kody Zenger Producer Kaili DeWitt Starring David Flannery Featuring Hance Carver and Talia Cataldo and Juan Wood and Sarah Gany and Dylan Cheek and Allison Strafford and Derek Raimann Executive Producers William DeWitt and Andrew Downs and Doug Thompson Sound Joshua Stowe Steadicam Hudson Stafford Assistant Camera Kiefer Diaz Key Grip James Parsons Camera Rental Alex Hoelscher Makeup Amy Brower Writing Assistant Andrew May Production Assistant Dustin Glendinning Inspired By William Howsare and Jonathan Myers and Bobby Brazell